April 2017 MOM

April Members of the Month
Challenge for Change participants
Back Row L to R Debbie Heinz, Jessica Richards, Gail Koch, Melody Underwood,Rich Underwood
Front Row L to R: Stephanie Lewis, Effie Hoffman, Shelley Young, Jessica Montgomery

April Members of the Month are participants in the Challenge for Change.
Challenge for Change helps participants of all ages change the way they think about exercise, fitness, and nutrition to overcome obstacles that prevent them from meeting their fitness goals in order to make long lasting changes to their routines for better health.

This group lost a total of 83 inches and 58 pounds during the 10-week program.
The group worked very hard during Challenge. In fact, Rich Underwood worked so hard that he pulled a hook, imbedded in concrete, out of the wall! Obviously the program is working!

Many of the participants came into the program with common fears that many share: that I’ll embarrass myself and that I can’t do the exercise.

“This Challenge group overcame their fears to better themselves and it showed in their results. Gavin and I are extremely proud of their hard work and commitment to the program,“ said Fitness Manager Raquel Herron.