Katie Burwell is the December Member of the Month. After suffering an injury and retiring from her position as Violent Crime Detective with the Peoria Police Department, her Pearce membership has helped her regain her confidence and prove to herself that even with physical limitations, she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

“Don’t let minor setbacks stop you,” says Katie. “Determination, consistency, hard work and dedication will get you to your goals. I was told five years ago after my first back surgery that I would never walk right again. I had two more back surgeries after that including a spinal fusion with rods, screws, and a cage on my spine. I also had a total hip replacement in October of 2015. I was under two separate orthopedic doctors supervision while I continued to prove them wrong. So, don’t let setbacks stop you from achieving the best you!” It’s not surprising that her favorite quote is “wellbehaved women rarely make history.”

Katie enjoys coaching for JFL, hiking, traveling, hunting, and fishing. She will sit down long enough to enjoy crafting with family and friends.

Katie spends most of her time at Pearce in the cardio room and the free weight area. “I enjoy meeting and talking with new people, seeing friends, and the great things Pearce does for the community,” says Katie. “I enjoy the many different areas you where you can workout. I enjoy seeing people of all ages having fun in a great setting.”